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Thread: Eddie 2's Success Thread

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    Eddie 2's Success Thread

    I've been into the hobby for quite sometime (since I was little) but I took a major hiatus for the last few years and I'm just getting back into sending out TTMs. I'll post all my success, and please feel free to ask ANY questions. Thanks for looking at the thread!

    Note: All success in this thread will go right into the database.
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    Robert Parish 3/3. Ten day turnaround (sent on 2/16/11). Very happy about this return, and glad Mr. Parish was nice to send my three cards back signed. Updated the database..used address listed.

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    Dirk Nowitzki signed 1/1 Upper Deck Card c/o Dallas Mavericks
    14 days (not counting Sundays)

    Amazing success. Very happy about this return! Updated the database and used address listed.

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    Congrats & great start... Love to see some pics of your successes..

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    Congrats, yes, we like pics.
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    Sorry guys about the pics. I don't have any scanner to properly document the autographs on here and I don’t have a digital camera (my brother has one but he lives almost an hour away from me.) I’m looking into getting a cheap scanner though, so I can show other people my success. At the current time though, I just wanted to post the success so other people on here know who is signing.

    - Eddie

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    Larry Bowa 2/2 on 8x10s IP.

    Larry was nice enough to do a free signing at CBP on Saturday morning and my father and I went to get some 8x10 signed. It was a really nice time, very windy out though. I had to bring some extra protection for the photos.

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    Some nice success today. Got back three total, two from ST and one from a retired football player in the HOF.

    - Nyjer Morgan c/o Nationals ST. 1/1 in blue sharpie (10 days - not counting Sunday or Pres Day)

    - Koji Uehara c/o Orioles ST. 1/1 in blue sharpie (10 days - not counting Sunday or Pres Day)

    - Warren Moon...2/2 in black sharpie. (15 days - not counting Sundays or Pres Day)

    Extremely happy about all these returns, very much so Koji because I've tired hard IP to get him and also at FanFest but he wasn't there the last two seasons due to living in Japan. I finally got him!! Very happy about this! Hopefully more keep coming in!

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    First Hockey TTM Success...

    John LeClair...1/1 in black sharpie 1993 Topps. Only took 2 days!! Fastest TTM to date for me!

    Note: I know Mr. LeClair is an amazing signer but two days is crazy fast. Very happy with this success!

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    Today Brought…

    Chad Lewis 3/1….only took one week (7 days) (technically six days if you don’t count Pres Day). Mr. Lewis also gave me two other cards and one card was personalized out to me. Very happy with this success and Mr. Lewis was very nice to give me two other cards. All the cards had his number #89 inscribed.

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