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    "A League of Their Own" Signed Baseball? what to do with it?

    Picked this up a local flea market just sitting there for $8 (talked him down from $10 lol).
    I know about the AAGPBL made famous by the 1992 movie "A League of Their Own".
    Started looking up the names on the ball and found all of them, I know all of them were enshrined in the Baseball HOF in 1988 under a perminent display called "Woman in Baseball".
    My biggest questions are:
    Should I get it Authenticated?
    Which company would I choose?
    Is it worth it?

    lmk what you guys think!

    Marge Wenzell and Alice "Lefty" Hohlmayer

    Pepper Paire Davis

    Dolly Niemiec Konwinski

    Dottie Kamenshek
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    Great autos - too bad they're on a cheaper Spalding ball... still nice though.

    If you ever decide to sell or trade it, let me know. AAGPBL are some autos I don't have in the collection.

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    Will do and thanks! I wish it was on a better ball too. I've been checking around and to get all 5 of these ladies on a ball is pretty rare. Might get the Dottie Kameshek authenticated.

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    very nice. my favorite quote is from that movie....

    are you crying? theres no crying in baseball

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    I would actually be sure not to display that baseball as it will not hold the ink well in light. I would say take a few moments to print off info on the ladies and pack that baseball in a baseball box in a closet and pass it along should you ever have a daughter or granddaughter who gets into sports. The history of the ball is much better than the value!
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    I have the exact same baseball minus the Dolly signature, they personally signed it at a Tri-Star show I went to in KC about 10 years ago I have it on on official League ball, each woman signed name, hof , team played for, years played in the league. They also wrote on the sweet spot, A League of their Owen and the years the league was played I believe. Whats weird is I cant put a price on it except I remember talking to those ladies and asking if they really played hurt and in skirts, so Priceless in my opinion. Also remember that same show Reggie Jackson was a terd!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maravich View Post
    very nice. my favorite quote is from that movie....

    are you crying? theres no crying in baseball
    i think that's kinda everyone's favorite line in the movie :)
    neat ball btw

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