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    Immortal sighting #33! manthis!

    We have our 33rd. immortal on SCF with member manthis! Joe has accumulated what is a HUGE feat on SCF to get 1000+ deals completed. Joe joined SCF 4 years ago almost to the day and now he is here getting recognized for an awesome accomplishment. YOu can find Joe wheeling and dealing in the Hockey buy' sell' trade forums.

    With this accomplishment Joe gets a lifetime VIP membership and $75 towards a!

    Congrats Joe!


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    Congrats Joe!
    Andrew Bailey: 197/241 not including 1/1's (81.7%); 211/438 cards including 1/1's(48.2%)

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    Congrats, Joe! That's VERY impressive! I may never be able to catch you (since I'm just getting started), but you've given me something to shoot for.
    Collecting Topps cards (base sets, inserts, parallels, autographs, and traded/updates)
    of ALL Baltimore Orioles players, coaches, and managers
    throughout their entire MLB careers.
    Also building Topps baseball sets, 1960s and 1970s.

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    wow #33-
    thanks to all.
    i'm just courious who was the first trader to get this kind of hard feat???
    heres my bucket

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    I collect St. Louis Cardinals
    **LMK what you need and I can get you list of what I have by player, team, or set***

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