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    WTTF: Braves and White Sox rookies

    I'm looking for cards of these guys, would prefer Bowman product, but really could use anything. I'd also prefer to trade, but will buy if need be. LMK what you have :new_llyin


    Kyle Davies, RHP
    Brian McCann, C
    Chuck James, LHP
    Anthony Lerew, RHP
    Andy Marte, 3B
    Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C
    Elvis Andrus, SS
    Yunel Escobar, SS
    Joey Devine, RHP
    Brandon Jones, OF
    Eric Campbell, 3B
    Beau Jones, LHP
    Jacob Stevens, LHP
    Luis Atilano, RHP
    Macay McBride, LHP
    Brayan Pena, C
    Kevin Barry, RHP
    J.C. Holt, 2B
    Blaine Boyer, RHP
    Bill McCarthy, OF

    White Sox:

    Brandon McCarthy, RHP
    Ryan Sweeney, OF
    Chris Young, OF
    Daniel Haigwood, RHP
    Ray Liotta, RHP
    Tadahito Iguchi, 2B
    Sean Tracey, RHP
    Casey Rogowski, 1B
    Brian Anderson, OF
    Robert Valido, SS
    Lance Broadway, RHP
    Gio Gonzalez, LHP
    Josh Fields, 3B
    Francisco Hernandez, C
    Kris Honel, RHP
    Tyler Lumsden, LHP
    Wes Whisler, LHP
    Mike Spidale, OF
    Adam Ricks, C-2B
    Paulino Reynoso, LHP
    Dennis Ulacia, LHP
    Antoin Gray, 2B

  2. Kronozio
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    I might be able to trade you some. Do you have any current RC's for trade that are not listed on your website?
    Just LMK


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    No that's about it, I've dealt away a lot in the past few months for PC things...would consider buying though.

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    I have few you might be interested in
    2003 Bowman Draft Chrome Jake Stevens
    2004 Bowman Draft Eric Campbell
    2004 Bowman Draft Chrome Eric Campbell
    2005 Bowman Draft SOTF Tyler Lumsden Auto

    Let me know if you can use these

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    Could use the Campbell Chrome and auto, lmk if I have anything on my site for you or quote me a sale price

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    Do you have any phillies stuff. Mainly rookies and autos? If you dont I can do 15 delivered. Let me know. Thanks

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    the only Phillies stuff I have are some Abreu cards...I can't do $15 DLVD considering the two cards have a BV of $14

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    I wasnt sure how much the auto booked for cause it was new but the Campbell books at 6.
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    I'm gonna have to pass, I don't usually pay more than 30-40% BV unless it's something that I really want

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