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    need your brees tomlinson manning moss mcallister

    looking for auto's/game used/higher$ r.c.'s cards of these players
    Drew Brees (have 1700)
    LaDainian Tomlinson (have 1800)
    Randy Moss (have 2100)
    Peyton Manning (have 2100)
    Duece McAllister (have 800)
    These are my five favorite players(# of cards I have)

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    I have a 2001 UD Vintage Drew Brees RC

    LMK if you are inerested

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    DTrain-a $4 Brees is not really a high $ r.c.
    have 10+ of that card already dont really need more

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    goingwild18- this post asks if anyone has any of these player to trade to me
    But yes I have many manning rookies to trade if you have some cards of the players needed
    auto's/game used/higher$ r.c.'s cards

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