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    Where's The Mewelde Moore Mirror Black!?

    a kings ransom awaits the the one that sells it to me

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Sup man?!?! Dont have it but, did you see the Fason Sp Authentic Auto patch w/ the Vikings horn go through?? I almost bought it, last I saw, it was at 50. Dont know what it finished at.

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    which one??????????? one of the 699 or the one # to 15?

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    i haven't a clue man, i'm bidding on one that had 1/1 in the tittle and of course it wasn't but a pretty frickin sweet patch so i bid on that one. i think it's sad about the williamson sp they look like they used the throwback jersey instead of the new other words no pretty pretty pretty patches:( all i've seen have been white and blue

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    This is really nice:

    Btw, I have the Sp Authentic Jersey of Williamson 19/100 incoming (his number) also, if you would be interested.

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