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    Panini Prime Remarkable - An Autograph or an Atrocity

    Can each of these cards, on their own, actually be considered an autograph card?

    If you pulled this card:
    Attachment 63786
    Would you call it an auto?

    I think Panini did a great disservice by cutting up these autographed numbers (it looks like a number). Sure, you may say that there are gazzilions of Robitaille autos out there so nobody will miss this one. You might point out that the autograph is too big to fit on a single card. Then I say they should have offered the whole auto'ed number as a mail-in redemption. Or make a 5 x7 card (box or case topper) which would be big enough for the whole auto and randomly insert them.

    I dunno. I like the concept of piecing cards together to build the entire logo, nameplate, or All Star locker plate. But an autograph is only an autograph when it is intact. I love the rest of the set, but think they went too far here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theboxbreaker96 View Post
    What they should have done was put a redmption in for all pieces. For example there are 25 on the checklist so make 25 redemptions. Its is pretty awsome when they are put together
    I thought about that, but then it wouldn't be a 'bonus pull' so much as a major hit, if one pull got you the whole thing.
    And then I thought about puzzle redemptions, for example 4pcs of the Robitaille each with a different piece of the code on it.. but I think there would be a LOT of unclaimed items by the time they were done.

    I really think this would have been a fantastic idea if they had centered the puzzle and not the cards - if they had a mono-colored "inner" border of 1/8" (or whatever minimum you can do the card with and not have it fall apart) so that it didn't detract horribly from the end result, it would look amazing.

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    Perhaps a see-through border would look good?
    I do think the cards look great the way they are, however.

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    i was so happy to hear eric staal was part of this set until i saw them pop up for sale and the autograph used was from Ron im assuming the patch was from a Ron Francis jersey as well other than that IMO the set overall looks amazing

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