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Thread: TRADING HOCKEY for football

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    TRADING HOCKEY for football

    I have literally thousands of base, inserts from 1989-1997. I am looking to trade these out in teams lots.

    Let me know your team, and what you have of what i am looking for. I am ONLY looking for football. I am MOSTLY looking for bears cards, but i am willing to trade up if the cards are right. Every single team will be 100+ cards, some being well over 200. I am 100% willing to trade in your favor here. These cards are doing nothing but taking up space for me right now when i am trying to expand my collection to solely football.

    The only team i do not have any left of are the chicago blackhawks, i made a sale with those cards.

    ALSO. And i HIGHLY stress this. Do NOT ask me to bring a number of cards for your team if you are not planning to trade. This is time consuming and i dont have the time for wasted effort on this front. Also, do not expect a list of cards, but a number. I dont plan on listing out every card of literally thousands here.

    Thanks for the look and i hope to deal with some of you!

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