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    sry i didnt see anything. im willing to sell it to you if u want to buy

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    Currently experiences issues

    We are looking into this

    The Photobucket Team

    im recieving this when i clicked on that like can u describe it thanks

    NVM Seen It Take a look at my List See if you like anything , worth a try thanks =)
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    vision i like this...
    -03-04 SPA DUAL AUTO
    LAMAR ODOM/DWAYNE WADE RC..................BV:$120

    im not sure the bv on the gordon. Do u know where i can find it thanks.
    and theres a pic of the gordon here..

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    yes exactly no bv since its #/15 its up to you what book value you wanna put on it lmk thanks

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    alright well b ballerjack- i like the sean taylor auto(is it redeemed?) and the ed reed but i dont think that will be enough.

    xxvisionxx- well i checked the price online before u had to pay money and it had the bv at $300 but im not sure what it is currently at.

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    well man its a Awesome Card you have there but i cannot see myself trading a multitude of cards for a singe auto i cant afford to take a collection hit like that the wade is only $120 thats still $180 away from current bv but thanks alot and again great card you would prolly get a good amount on ebay for it =)

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