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    Of course they won't. Of course they won't.

    The Justice Department has decided it will not prosecute Goldman Sachs or its employees for their role in the financial crisis, following an investigation by senators Carl Levin (D-MI) and Tom Coburn (R-OK). The congressional investigation found problems with the credit rating agencies and poor oversight from regulators, and highlighted abuses by Goldman Sachs and other large investment banks. Senator Levin sent a formal referral to the Justice Department for a criminal investigation in April 2011.

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    Especially on elections year. They need money from companies like them. As always, it pays off to have money and be powerful. ANy other person would have been in jail by now.

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    What crimes were alleged to have been committed? I know that a lot of people want to see someone go to jail over the financial crisis, but for what reason?

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    it was found that they did nothing wrong, so what is the issue?
    Jay Shrewsbury
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    If America had any conscience these guys would be in jail...oops.

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    We all know that when major corporations break the law nothing really happens, so I am not suprised. Both Obama and Romney have received quite a bit of money from Goldman's Sachs as well, hmmm... Most people are against big business and banks and the other is against big government and most people don't see that both of them are the evil ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shrewsbury View Post
    it was found that they did nothing wrong, so what is the issue?
    The report concluded that even as securities firms flooded the market with securitized mortgages and advised clients to buy them, firms privately used words like "crap" and "flying pig" to describe the financial instruments

    If they were used car salesmen they would have committed a crime, but in the financial world I guess it's okay to sell known crap.
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    wickabee, it is the exact opposite. unlike yourself, we don't need to place the blame on just anyone, just the ones who actually did something.
    Jay Shrewsbury
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    There is plenty of bank fraud to choose from, but somehow most of leaders think that no laws were broken. Seems like there are lots of alternative on this list.

    Max Keiser ~ Here are some recent improprieties by the big banks:

    • Engaging in mafia-style big-rigging fraud against local governments. See this, this and this

    • Shaving money off of virtually every pension transaction they handled over the course of decades, stealing collectively billions of dollars from pensions worldwide. Detailshere, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here

    • Pledging the same mortgage multiple times to different buyers. See this, this, this,this and this. This would be like selling your car, and collecting money from 10 different buyers for the same car

    • Committing massive fraud in an $800 trillion dollar market which effects everything from mortgages, student loans, small business loans and city financing

    • Pushing investments which they knew were terrible, and then betting against the same investments to make money for themselves. See this, this, this, this and this

    • Engaging in unlawful “Wash Trades” to manipulate asset prices. See this, this and this

    • Participating in various Ponzi schemes. See this, this and this

    • Bribing and bullying ratings agencies to inflate ratings on their risky investments

    The executives of the big banks invariably pretend that the hanky-panky was only committed by a couple of low-level rogue employees. But studies show that most of the fraud is committed by management.
    Indeed, one of the world’s top fraud experts – professor of law and economics, and former senior S&L regulator Bill Black – says that most financial fraud is “control fraud”, where the people who own the banks are the ones who implement systemic fraud. See this, this and this.
    But at least the big banks do good things for society, like loaning money to Main Street, right?

    • The big banks have slashed lending since they were bailed out by taxpayers … while smaller banks have increased lending. See this, this and this

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