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Thread: Michael Jordan Playbook Jersey

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    Michael Jordan Playbook Jersey

    Hey everyone, I pulled this out of a 02-03 Upper Deck pack awhile ago and have never been able to find a value on it....Beckett does not list the set and was wondering if anyone knows what the value is or even an estimate...

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    I found these 2 listings on

    2002-03 Upper Deck UD Playbook Jerseys MJH M.Jordan Gold N/A N/A
    2002-03 Upper Deck UD Playbook Jerseys MJR M.Jordan Silver N/A N/A

    It doesn't help much since there's no price. Does your card have either of the numbers on the back ?

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    It is the MJG Gold version....I think that carries more of a premium, I think

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    from what i remember myself, the playbooks had a regular print run of 23

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    why have you sprayed the top and bottom black on the picture ? cause the edges are bad? i think they are real bad

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    he didnt spray anything jesus thats how the card comes

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    its called a playbook jersey and the card is a fold open card. why do people have to hate so much on here?

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    yeah the card is on Metal hinges....It is a one of a kind card because ive never seen one like it and there is no other one made like it.....If it is only limited to a print run of 23 what do you thing the price tag is??????Thanks for everyones imput

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    It doesn't make any differnce if it is gold or silver. That is just hobby for gold and silver for retail. I hit one of those myself back in 02/03. Got around $400 trade for it back then. Not sure if you could now or not though.

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