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Thread: wtb Kyle turris ROOKIE YEAR

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    wtb Kyle turris ROOKIE YEAR

    I am looking for higher end stuff( no crap cards)

    -yg /100

    -black diamond ruby, gold and onyx(platinum)

    -spa fwa
    -spa fwap (2 colour +)
    -ice /99

    spx /25
    spx /499

    ultimate /99
    ultimate rap /25

    cup /99 (nice patch)
    cup /91

    any 1/1s

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    I am a one-time serious Turris collector who is at a bit of a standstill in his Turris collecting. I would imagine I have the most complete Turris PC out there, but it might be time to break it up and move on to other things. If you are prepared to have serious talks and make some serious offers, please check out my Turris PC here:

    There are certain cards I would like to hang on to, but there are lots of rare and high-end cards I would be willing to move.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikedom91 View Post

    Would you take $10 for the spa fwa?
    Hmmm, close I could do 12$ dlvd

    lmk via PM if interested thanks

    The worst is that card is going to sell substantially more in a few months (well if there's hockey)

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    Have this

    Also have 08-09 Sign of the Times ST-KT no scan yet sorry.

    How about $25.00 shipped for the pair?
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    I would only want the spx. I'd be interested if your price is better than eBay.

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