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Thread: 2005 Leaf Certified Materials

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    2005 Leaf Certified Materials

    I am thinking of buying a box of 2005 Leaf Certified Materials in the next couple weeks and was wondering what everyones opinions are on the product. I noticed it has a good amount of game used cards in it with atleast 1 autograph and it is only $72 at Dave and Adams. The price is a little higher than I am used to but I think it might be worth it.

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    I just bought 2 boxes last week. I got 4 g/u in each box. I wasn't overly impressed but for the price, you get a decent amount of hits. The potential there is to get some good stuff but you could get a bust like I did. I posted my break in Box Break section if you wanna see what I got.

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    Thanks. How do the cards look? Are they nice. I want to buy a box where I can get a good amount of hits for my money(around $70 or less on the box) and be able to build the set. I don't want to buy a box of ugly looking cards because then I won't want to build that set.

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    I only got 3 gu's in my box, I don't think I'll be buying it again

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    The cards are good looking but I think it is real hit or miss on what you get in each box.

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    I always liked LCM, this year I think I got like 6 boxes total, they are a fun break, and I got some very nice stuff all around!! But like any box, it can be hit or miss.

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    Well there seems to be alot of negativity about this product. It is kind of steering me away from it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should buy for around the same price? I have probably a month until I can pay off what I owe and get a box but I am trying to get an idea of a good set to build where I can get some nice hits and the cards look nice. $75 is my max. Any help please.

    Thanks to all who gave their opinions thus far.

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    well if you wanted to spend just a little more......05 reflections football is good.....3 gus plus 2 autos and several lower #'ed rcs

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    Thank you for the suggestion. I may be able to depending on how fast I can get my bills handled.

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