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    I Need All There Rookie And Autos!! Lmk What You Have

    I Will Buy Or Trade So Check My List! Thanks

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    I have these Joey Graham Topps Finest Redemptions

    #16 Gold #/25-----bv is $50, but sells for $40 so I need something really nice
    #16 Red #/159----not sure of the bv

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    What are the bv's or sell values of the Hodge, Jones/Henson, and the Kevin Jones?

    I still really wish you had that Dwight Howard

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    i dunno on the hodge. the jones and henson books for $100 and the jones books for $60

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    sorry bout the howard i just had a guy that wanted it and had something i really wanted.

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    no problem on the Howard. Do you know the selling price of the Dual auto. I like that the most

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    i have a hardcourt rookie of villanueva and a 05-06 reflections 3 color patch of me

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    warren pm sent
    b_ball- the dual ranges. i have seen it go for $100 before and i have seen it go for as low as $60. but you would have to add something nice becuase the dual is in my personal collection.

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