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    No Catchy Title just Sick Cards and Lady Friend

    With a little bit of luck, my girlfriend (Rachel) and I were able to make an amazing pull with most of you have seen, but here's a picture from UDs website from the National, Rachels picture got me a lot of comments last time so why not

    So after making the biggest and most pain free deal of my life with a great trader on here I was able to bring home for nice paypal and gorgeous cards

    I picked up two of these so far, again 10 11 Ultimate is my favorite set

    A little Flyers Goalie Autograph

    My first Panini card I have ever bought, numbered hehe out of /70

    Some pretty nice Hurricanes pickups, Ward is from the National

    SP Rookie auto /99, figured I'll pick these up since I can't afford the Cup

    Rachel saw this beast and guess who had to have it haha, I don't mind it either

    I love this set, even though its a sticker auto. I sold my other Stammer autos so its nice to have another
    And now time for the heavy hitters

    I like Jeff Skinner as a player and Rachel thinks "He's Cute" so PC of him!

    There you have it everyone, nice to see Skinner get a nice contract to lock him up for a couple years as well as see how the Canes office do not want to let him go, even fo Nash. Thanks for the looks and comments in advance!
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    Very nice cards! The last two skinner cards are really sweet.

    Great you and Rachel share the same passion for collecting. She is also very easy on the are a lucky man!
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    I have another 10-11 Halak Ultimate Signatures if you're looking to add a 3rd. :P
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    Love the Biron Orange and Black auto. I have a few of his flyer autos, but not this one. Very cool.
    Collecting ALL the Ron Hextall cards...and other Philadelphia Flyers goalies, too.

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    Suspended on 2 trading card forums. FYI.
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