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    Antonio Davis Jumping into the stands during the Knicks/Bulls Game.

    What is everyone's take on this. I think this is completely oppostie from the Artest incident. There's a difference between jumping into the crowd to attack a drunk idiot, but Davis went into the stand because he thought his wife was in danger. Heard several different opinions on this, but I would have done the same thing.

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    I was watching the game and everything happened so fast it's kind of hard to tell what actually went on. I don't blame him at all for rushing up their to protect his family but what I would like to know is what was done to provoke his family. Davis didn't explode or try to pick a fight, he just made sure nothing was going down. The pathetic thing about all of it was how slow to react the Bulls' security were, Davis was up there well before they even arrived.

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    Yeah I would have did the same thing he did to. I would like to know what provoked him up there myself also. They definately need new security.

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    Definately can't blame him for doing that, although if i were part of the league office i would go for a suspension because say if that was somebody else in the crowd instead of Antonio Davis, someone hot-tempered, there could have been violence. On the other hand, the league should stay alert and tighten the security, mabe make a separate are for the players' loved ones. If i were Antonio Davis i would probably do the same thing.

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    he is trying to protect his family i got no prob with it, he is going to be out for a few games for going into the stands, but there is nothing wrong with what he did.

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    I don't think he should be suspended at all. But I can't say anything, the NBA is run by a total idiot (David Stern)

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    I missed the sports highlights but heard about this incident. Anyone know if a clip is online?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeLonghorn
    I missed the sports highlights but heard about this incident. Anyone know if a clip is online?
    Its on

    In regards to the incident, no doubt Davis needs to be punished. After whole Ron Artest thing, the NBA cannot afford to lose any more integrity (not that it has any more to lose). I would say a short suspension, and a petty fine.

    I honestly don't think there was a reason for Davis to enter the stands, he could have pointed something out to one of the security guards or mentioned it to an usher, etc.
    The man did not hurt his wife, and was not in any immediate danger. From what I gathered, he was just giving her a hard time.
    Plus, you cannot have security guards everywhere watching every fan, etc. It takes away from the enjoyment of the game...too much security is a bad thing. It must not have been that noticeable/urgent if no security guard took notice to it. And believe me, I have been to the UC plenty of times(security guards are everywhere around the lower level) almost nothing goes unnoticed there.
    Something like this could have happened in another basketball arena, and we could be saying the same thing over there.

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    Unfortunately, I do think a suspension is warranted. It's more than clear by now you cannot enter the stands, even if nothing happens it's just too risky. When Davis got up there you could tell every fan was more than concerned, a few them of tried to hold him back even assuming he was going to lay someone out.

    I understand Davis wanting to protect his family but you can't go into the stands, too much can go wrong. A major brawl could have broke out had any fan tried to tackle Davis or provoke him in anyway.

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    I also missed this..why is he trying to protect his family?

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