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Thread: want to buy pennies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naxcomseller View Post
    Rick, your first post you didn't mention anything about mint marks on the wheat pennies. .03 Cents for common wheat pennies is about the going rate and $1 for indian heads is a great price for common G coins.
    I did mention it in my original post but thought better of posting anything and removed the post. In my haste I did not put the mint marks in.

    All of these coins are in at least F (fine) condition and most are in VF (very fine) condition.

    I feel some people, not all, are looking to take advantage of unknowledgeable people. I'm not sure what date this web page came out and the book I have for wheat pennies is packed away and probably outdated but this is what I found for those who may be unaware of wheat penny values.


    EDIT: Since you are not looking to take advantage of anyone you should not have a problem with me posting the link. Also if anyone has a question about the value of a coin or stamp please PM me. I will give you the most recent price I have. I would hate to see someone sell a coin or a stamp for pennies when it is worth some money. I'm not looking to buy or sell anything, I just want to pass along information.
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    its completley fine and i didnt know they were great condition im mearly looking for circulated ones that have been out for a while and if people had them lying around i was going to buy them

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    I guess I'm just a cynic and believe many people are dis-ingenuous. I cannot fathom why someone would waste their time for a penny that's worth about .03 without the hope of getting a rarer one from someone who does not know what their coin is worth.


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    I used to collect coins when I was a kid but I stopped. I do run across wheat pennies and indian heads from time to time. I will let you know if/when I see anything.
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    You wouldn't happen to have any double maybe we can swap

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