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Thread: 35 Paypal for (List inside :)

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    Delete this please.

    Delete thread as it is being harassed. Thanks.
    Last edited by maxe0213; 08-18-2012 at 11:36 PM. Reason: Please delete

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxe0213 View Post
    "to sale" Apparently you didn't pass fourth grade english either.
    Apparently, I am at work and clicked the wrong one on my Ipad. But good luck with your buying. Looks like you have a good rep on Blowout, I am sure it will carry over to here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmdesertcards View Post
    only those players?
    ok... gonna pass now

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxe0213 View Post
    Learn the real story bud. GTFO
    I learned it. In the thread. Thanks.

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    hhaha. You learned it in the thread? Then you would know that I made a mistake and did everything to make it right. I paid the other guy to ship the package and then he stopped returning PMs after telling me he shipped it. I offered to ship the card back but mr posey was already extremely butthurt over this for some reason since I couldn't respond to his PM right away. Get over yourself and please learn before you make yourself look like an idiot thanks.

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    Please stop being a troll and if you have nothing to post then theres no need to post something like that. Especially since it doesn't affect you at all and I've had a ton of positive transactions except.

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    8 is a ton now? Impressive.

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    Hey!! I'll Close This Thread Per Your Request.

    Thanks, John

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