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Thread: Jake Gardiner Main Wantlist

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    Jake Gardiner Main Wantlist

    *I'll always trade for multiples of his TRUE RCs

    Upper Deck :

    Young Guns Rc Exclusives /10
    Rookie Breakouts /100
    Black Diamond :
    Lustrous Rookies
    Crown Royale
    Heirs to the Throne Prime Auto /25
    Sp Game Used
    Rookie Exclusives Auto /100
    New Breed Jsy Auto /50
    New Breed Prime /25
    New Breed Patch /25
    New Breed Patch Auto /5
    Draft Day Auto /99
    Rookie dual Signatures /50 (GARDINER/Voynov)
    Rookie Reserve Dual Jsy Auto /100
    Rookie Reserve Dual Prime Auto /25
    Rookie Anthology
    Starting Six Threads /200 (GARDINER/Henrique/York/Landeskog/Faulk/Read)
    Starting Six Threads /200 (GARDINER/Scrivens/Henrique/Savard/Greening/Read)
    Sp Authentic
    Holo FX Red Die Cut
    Ultimate Collection
    Ultimate Rc Auto Patch /25
    Debut Threads Jsy Auto /50
    Rookie Triple Jsy /25 (GARDINER/Colborne/Frattin)
    Rookie Triple Patch /15 (GARDINER/Colborne/Frattin)
    Prime Rc Auto Jsy Silver /50
    Prime Rc Auto Jsy Gold /25
    Prime Rc Auto Patch /5
    Prime Time Rookies Jersey /99
    Prime Time Rookies Jersey Auto /50
    Prime Time Rookies Prime /25
    Prime Time Rookies Prime Auto /15
    Prime Time Rookies Patch /10
    Prime Time Rookies Patch Auto /5
    Prime Quads Jersey /75 (GARDINER/Phaneuf/Reimer/Schenn)
    Prime Quads Prime /15 (GARDINER/Phaneuf/Reimer/Schenn)
    Prime Quads Patch /10 (GARDINER/Phaneuf/Reimer/Schenn)
    Dominion RPA Gold /25
    Dominion RPA Emerald /5
    Dominion Patch /10
    Dominion Mammoth Prime /25
    Dominion Mammoth Patch /10
    Dominion Peerless Patches Auto /40
    Dominion Complete Rookies /25
    Dominion Rookie Showcase Auto Jerseys Dual /25 (Gardiner/Colborne)
    Dominion Rookie Showcase Auto Pucks /25 (Gardiner/Colborne)
    Dominion Peerless Patches Dual /5 (GARDINER/Colborne)
    Dominion Tag Team Combos /6 (GARDINER/Landeskog)
    Dominion Tag Team Combos /10 (GARDINER/Colborne)
    Dominion Quad Jsy /25 (All Leaf RCs)
    Dominion Quad Prime #26 /5 (All Leaf RCs)
    Dominion Crazy Eights #7 /25 (All leafs)
    Dominion Crazy Eights #14 /25 (Gardiner + RCs)
    Dominion Crazy Eights #14 /10 (Gardiner + RCs)
    Dominion Crazy 8 Patches #7 /5 (All Leafs)
    Dominion Crazy 8 Patches #14 /5 (Gardiner + RCs)
    The Cup
    The Cup RPA Gold /25
    The Cup RPA Black Tag /5
    The Cup Auto Draft Boards /25
    The Cup Rookie Evolution Video /99
    The Cup Rookie Bookmarks /25 (Gardiner/Scrivens)
    The Cup Trios Patch /10 (Gardiner/Colborne/Frattin)
    The Cup Quad Jsy /10 (4 Leaf RCs)
    The Cup Quad Jsy /10 (Gardiner)
    The Cup Quads Patch /5 (4Leaf RCs)
    The Cup Quads Patch /5 (Gardiner)
    Other (Junior/Expo/Promo)
    2011 Panini Preferred Player of the day Auto
    2012 Panini Team Colors Cracked Ice /25
    2012 Fall Panini Team Colors Cracked Ice Auto /5
    2012 Spring Expo Priority Signings /75
    2012 Fall Expo Priority Signings /5
    2012 Fall Panini Team Colors Cracked Ice Auto /5
    2012-13 Panini Stickers
    OPC Retro Blank Back
    Score Black
    Base Silver
    Base Gold
    Base Emerald

    Thanks for looking!
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    i have the Gardiner SPX numbered to 799 the Elite Aspirations rookie #rd to 25 graded 9 by BGS beckett , SPA auto #rd out of 999, Panini 2012 Expo Rc Wrapper Redemption /299 i am a big gardiner collector to or at least trying so i could only sell these cards thanks

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    Hi, I have the SPA Holo FX of Gardiner

    Rookie Holo FX: Jake Gardiner # RFX25
    let me know

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    Huge Update!!! Goalie: thanks but have it! Narster: Pm coming

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    I sent you a pm yesterday inquiring about your bd dual of Chats but never got a responce? I have a bd Ruby rc of gards I might be willing to let go for the right offer. Lmk

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    PM coming
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