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    Looking for Aaron Rodgers stuff...low, medium & high-end.

    Hey fellas, I haven't been on here much so I'm itching for some maildays. Looking for Rodgers inserts, GU, patches or rare stuff. Any 2012 Topps Field Generals?

    I also need 2012 base & inserts of: 2012 Topps Platinum Base, Rookies & Stars Longevity, Topps MVP Pink border, Prominence base, Momentum base, SP Authentic GOLF card, Topps Finest or Finest Refractors.

    Mid-Higher-End Needs:
    • 2005 Topps Black Border RC
    • 2005 R&S Ruby (red) Rookie
    • 2005 R&S Saphire (blue) Rookie
    • 2005 'Write Stuff" Rookie
    • 2012 Prestige Stars of the NFL GU
    • 2012 Topps Field Generals
    • 2005 Leaf Limited RC #/250

    Only Autos I'm looking for are his 2008 Ultimate & 2008 Exquisite.

    Lmk if you have anything up for sale...glad to trade too. Thanks!
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    Have this, and have not been able to find another one anywhere:

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    you never did get back to me!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mpbazinet View Post
    Have this, and have not been able to find another one anywhere:
    Thanks, I don't have that one. Is it numbered? lmk what you're looking for.

    BRADSHOLLY - haven't been online much since Thursday. PM just sent and I'll PM over on BO as well once I'm on there.

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    Yea it's numbered 5/299, no idea on a price, gimme an offer if you want it. Thanks!

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    have this

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    Don't know if you need it, but I just came across 2009 Prestigious Pros Gold card #1 last one #'d 100/100.

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