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    Thumbs up Writing contest - August, September, October edition! - $100 to spend at cbtb to win!

    Once more, we have decided to encourage our members to get writing by launching a writing contest. Up for grabs is $100 towards a box of cards on The best submissions will also be featured in SCF's very own online magazine, Collector's Corner:

    Here are the topics you can chose from for this edition of the contest:

    1 – The greatest moment in the history of (insert your sport of choice here) was...
    We're all mad about sports and we all have our opinion as to what was, is and will always be the best moment in the history of the sport for us. Tell us all about it, what happened? Why was it so important? Has it influenced you and your collecting or team following choices?

    2- Whale hunting
    We've all been there, a card takes your fancy and you devote every woken moment to trying to acquire it but it keeps eluding you until land your white whale. Have you had the pleasure? Tell us about it.

    3- Will they, won't they?
    Come on hockey fans, you know what this refers to. Will there be a new collective bargaining agreement? Will it be on time for us to have a full season or will we have to suffer a lock-out? Give us your take.

    4 – The Olympics
    Have you watched much of it? What were the highlights, the lowlights, the winners and the losers. Would you collect olympic athletes cards?

    5 – My Sports collectors convention experience!
    Were you at the latest Nationals? What happened there, did you have fun? Did you find an awesome new piece for your collection? Met other collectors? Got some in person autographs? You know the drill, tell us all about it!

    6– And as usual, create your own topic! You can write about anything sports or collecting related!

    Each article will receive 250 CC (as long as it is well written and spell checked)

    The winning article will be chosen by the editor in chief, the following criteria will be observed when choosing a winner:
    the quality of the English
    the originality
    the visual support (pictures, graphics, etc…)
    the coherence of the author

    1. Simply write any articles about the ten topics mentioned above

    2. Your article must have a minimum of 700 words

    3. Grand prize winner will receive $100 toward a box on

    4. All qualified entries will receive 250 CC for their work (unless the article is poorly written and obviously not spell checked)

    5. All submissions must be spell checked and posted as a new thread in the article submission forum: . In the thread title include your article title and the words CONTEST ENTRY.
    Example: The Future of the Hobby – CONTEST ENTRY

    6. The deadline to submit your article is on November 30th at 5.00 PM EST.

    7. Open to ALL members to include SCF Staff (except for the Editor-in-Chief and the site owner who can submit articles but not win the prize)

    8. You can write as many articles as you wish!


    1. You must be a member in good standing to enter (No unexpired infractions worth 5 points or more)

    2. The article must be your own original work - using something written by someone else will result in disqualification

    3. The article you use must be brand new - you cannot use an article which you previously submitted for the articles site or submitted elsewhere

    4. Add pictures to your article - it helps getting your message across it’s not an obligation but it can help

    1. Each article will be edited and posted on the SCF articles website. They will become SCF’s property.

    2. The best articles received will be featured in the upcoming edition of Collector’s Corner, SCF online magazine.

    3. The best article will be chosen by the Editor-in-Chief

    4. Please be aware that I am currently dealing with family issues and that as a result there might be a delay between you submitting your article and it being published.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here or drop me a PM! I look forward to reading your submissions and best of luck everyone!


    1. Seven Years Later It's Clear that the 2004-2005 Season Was Truly Wasted - 30ranfordfan
    2. There's No Grading System for a Memory - 74Razor
    3. 'Roid Rage - Rudickulous
    4. The Finnish Flash, the Ageless Wonder - DnJCards
    5. The NHL Lockout Begins - RGM81
    6. Bend it Like Blanda - Rudickulous
    7. Growth as a Collector - Kess
    8. Curse Reversed: How 86 Years of Heartache Came to an End - NU_Fan
    9. Being a Kid at Heart - jna1488
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    A second entry: There's No Grading System for a Memory

    My apologies for the delay in posting these, life kind of got in the way lately...

    Thank you all for your patience.
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    Enter the 1st leg of the UD RAK 'Em Up! contest!
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    A third entry: 'Roid Rage
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    This one will run until the end of November since there has not been enough entries yet...
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    I added an entry over the weekend, but still have not seen it added to the list.
    Baseball PC Wants: Cole Hamels, Mike Schmidt, Pat Burrell, & Chase Utley
    Football PC Wants: Mike Kafka (current high want), Mychal Kendricks, Zach Ertz, Eagles QBs (past and present),
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    A seventh entry: Growth as a Collector

    Please remember that SCF staff are volunteers who do (unfortunately) have (very) full-time jobs which can sometimes delay the handling of contest entries. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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