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    Cool Olympic Custom wanted...Willing to pay $$$

    Hey guys
    i want a 2010 vancouver winter olympics custom done so i could get it signed. i basically have something like $2.50 left in my paypal account which i will pay you, and if you collect hockey, then ill add in some extras. if you dont, well i have some extra american dollar bills and canadian coins.

    This is what I want:

    a 2010 Olympic Collage..highlighting some of the sporting events (hockey, skiing, figure skating...etc...) with a picture of the city of vancouver in the middle or background and the olympic rings at the top. something like can add your ideas :)
    basically like a postcard.

    once you are done I will pm you my email address and send it through email so i can print it out at te drug store..
    Thank you,

    edit : oh ya..i also wouldn't mind one of just the winter olympics in general. we can work things me:)
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    Hey Pm Me for more specific details i think we can work something out.

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