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    Need FB card advice: Which box to buy...

    I'm going to my local card shop tomorrow to buy a football box. I haven't been paying too much attention to some of the newer stuff that's come out. I'm looking to spend between $100-$125.

    Any advice on what to get? Any product that you think has been really worth the money?

    Thanks for any input.

  2. Kronozio
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    No one has any suggestion? I'm leaning towards UD Reflections, Foundations or Leaf Cert. Materials. If anyone has bought any of these, PLMK what you think.

    I bought 2 boxes of Foundations about a month ago- I wasn't disappointed, but also wasn't overly impressed.

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    all those are like 60-80..go with SP Authentic or 2 boxes(packs) or leaf limited..chance of pulling some monster stuff out of those..

    out of the ones you listed I would suggest taking a shot at LCM as that has been a very good product this year..

    Stay away from Leaf Rookies & Stars..Good Luck and post the break when you get the box

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    see if there are any leftover 2004 boxes. Better rookie selection imo.

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    Contenders or SP Authentic.

    Not as fun as LCM, because of all the inserts Leaf puts out, but you could pull some great stuff.

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    i say go with authentic, i was thinking of picking up a couple of boxes myself

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    I actually whimped out and just got a box of Playoff Honors ($50). I just wasn't feeling the mojo, so I decided to stay away from the pricey stuff. I'll post in the Box Break section.

    Thanks for all the suggestion.

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