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    wttf:Mark bradley autos or patriots rc autos

    I will trade these for mark Bradley autos/gu or patriots rc gu/autos

    '05 Bowmans Best Chad Owens #d/299rc auto bv$12
    '05 Topps Draft picks&Prospects class marks fred Gibson auto bv$20
    '04 Leaf rookies and stars daul jsy Ben watson/Ben troupe bv$8

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    check my site for that fred gibson auto thanks

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    Sorry didn't see anything i could use for the fred gibson just yet..

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    I have these but only looking for Charley Frye's or current Vikings GU in exchange. Thanks - Chris.

    2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Rookie Premiere Materials (Ball/Jersey #'d to /750) 221 Bradley M. $12.00
    2005 Reflections Future Fabric Jersey FFR-MB Bradley M. $8.00
    2005 Topps Chrome XFractor (#'d to /399) 168 Bradley M. $18.00
    2005 Topps Chrome Refractor 168 Bradley M. $12.00
    2005 Upper Deck Rookie Futures Jersey RF-MB Bradley M. $10.00

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