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    Only one today..

    biggsy2323 Mike Maroth 2012-09-18 2012-11-17 Success 1/0 Sent signed Cardinals card by email!

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    Decent day but more importantly I sent off to 20 current Green Bay Packers today..

    biggsy2323 Rick Pitino 2012-08-27 2012-11-19 Success 1/0 Signed 8x10!
    biggsy2323 Vivica Fox 2012-10-22 2012-11-19 Success 1/0 Uh would have been nice if the signature didn't fade onto the envelope it came in..
    biggsy2323 Lyn St. James 2012-09-01 2012-11-19 Success 1/0 Signed photo! Not sure when I sent this off honestly.
    biggsy2323 Charlie Kimball 2012-08-18 2012-11-19 Success 1/0 Signed hero card!

    Also got a signed poster from the Sacramento Kings Dancers.

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    Just one today..

    biggsy2323 Matt Batts 2012-08-17 2012-11-23 Success 2/1 Signed my photo and index card!

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    Chuck Diering passed away today and to think it was one of my first posts in this thread. Amazing.

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    Couple minor email successes today..

    Cassie Scerbo (Actress):
    Got: 11/26/2012
    What: Personalized 8x10

    Todd Howard (W/Cal Football):
    Sent: 8/22/2012
    Got: 11/26/2012
    What: Signed Cal Note from him saying he appreciates all his fans.

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    biggsy2323 Virgil Trucks 2012-11-20 2012-11-27 Success 4/2 Signed 2 index cards, sent 1 card signed, and a note. "Glad to sign your cards, to give you one. Excuse me writing as my hand is a long way from being well." Awesome success, glad he's better!

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    Nice success from Virgil Trucks. He's one of the best in the hobby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy_Falcons View Post
    Nice success from Virgil Trucks. He's one of the best in the hobby.
    Agreed, glad I got him this time around. Sent him a get well card and a get well letter too.

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    Super quick success.. I'm getting them day by day with one each day it seems now.. figured it would slow down when baseball season ended though so had to find others to send off too.

    biggsy2323 Bill Virdon 2012-11-24 2012-11-29 Success 3/3 Signed the card and 2 ICs!! Nice!!

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    VERY happy with today's mail.. good trio too!!

    biggsy2323 Ernie Broglio 2012-11-24 2012-12-01 Success 3/3 Signed all 3, looks like his signature is getting worse so get him while you can!! Very please with the response turnout time.
    biggsy2323 Jordyn Wieber 2012-08-07 2012-12-01 Success 1/2 Took FOREVER but she was kind enough to replace the IC's with a photo. Very nice!!
    biggsy2323 Jordy Nelson 2012-11-19 2012-12-01 Success 1/1 Funny story.. Got my SASE back with no postage and it says 'returned for postage'.. well I didn't owe anything.. pleased with this success!

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