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    I can do that for everyone's benefit. I think I am only going to get 2 slots but just might wait till the end if they need to be filled.

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    I will take spots 1,3,4,6 jay.... Just let me know when to pay.
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    Please send me your PayPal addy.
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    bdoody42 and andreasmjohnson have been added which closes out the slots!!!!!!!!

    Hope to have the box ordered by Tuesday at the latest. Lets have another great group break experience everyone!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by andreasmjohnson View Post
    Thanks!!! Just waiting on 1 person and the box will be ordered.

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    ***Latest update!***

    Hopefully box will be ordered by the end of today if not tomorrow for sure. Video of slot drawing by end of tomorrow for everyone.


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    When is the release date? I have seen three different dates online!

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