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    Nice Harvey Martin auto
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    Wolfpack: Some more nice cards as usual!!!
    BCW: Welcome to this forum. Also some nice stuff! I especially like the Irvin. That is one you don't see too often.
    I'm expecting some Emmitt cards this week so will post them once they come in.

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    YummiestBeef: Awesome cards! Especially the Big Gun! I have been trying to find one of those for a few years now and it has alluded me to this point.

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    My favorite Cowboy of All-Time and a recent addition to my PC! Some more Emmitt cards coming this week and I'll post them when they come in.

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    2nd Emmitt I am adding to my PC this week!!!

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    The third of 5 Emmitt additions to my PC this week!!!!

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    My 4th of 5 additions to my Emmitt PC this week!!!

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    My 5th out of 5 Emmitt PC additions this week!!!

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    Nice Cowboyilla card. I like his auto best from that time period.

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