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Thread: I think its time

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    I think its time

    I tried to post this in the announcements but for some reason I cannot will a mod please post this where it belongs
    All my freinds here know my dad has been in and out of the hospital all year 3 heart attacks and many, many heart congestive failures. Well he went back to the hospital on Friday another fluid around the heart. Just 10 minutes ago I got a phone call from my God-Mother who is also my step-mom and she told me they are admitting him to ICU and are going to do everything they can but his Kidneys and liver is shutting down. I have 5 trades that need to go out and about 6 more in progress. I will try to take them with me but with everyone around this house trying to pack up I may even forget the packages.
    I just hope I make it to the hospital in time if the inevitable happens. I just dont want everyone to think I skipped out on them. I dont need that with everything else going on
    History of my dad:
    Born 1938, 3 tours in Veit Nam. Shot down in 3 Hellocopters, Blown out of 2 jeeps, POW, retired in 1986 after 27 years of service. Called to Saudi Arabia after retirement to work as a civilian as a combantant working with Saudi troops and American troops to protect the Saudi border. In the 70s while stationed in San Antonio he was a Deputy Sherriff in Devine TX.
    PS - Retired as a CWIIII

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    Keep up posted and take of your family first.

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    Dad passed away on Sept 8th I will not be home until Monday at the latest. Sorry to be holding you guys up on closing out trades and finishing the trades up that I have had in trade nogotiations

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