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Thread: Hello from Northern Alberta

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    Hello from Northern Alberta

    Hey i'm a Montreal Canadiens fan living in Northern Alberta and I've been collecting cards for around 20 years or so. Majority of my collecting was done about 15-20 years ago so the large majority of my collection consists of crappy early 90 sets that I bought with my $1/week allowance. However I'm looking to get back into collecting more seriously. I've also never done any selling, buying or trading online so I'm brand new to this but looking to learn as I go. Any pointers or help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to getting know everyone and doing business.

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    Welcome to SCF Jonathon, have fun here and enjoy yourself!

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    Welcome to the site Jon, I think you'll find a lot of others on here looking to trade too, any questions just ask.


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    I'm new myself and have a similar background, a lot of early 90s to early 00s, and now recently I've gotten back into it. Habs fan as well. Let me know if you're starting any set building soon.

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