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Thread: Conflict: 1 of 1?

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    Conflict: 1 of 1?

    Well I'm sitting here at my computers with... nothing to do! So I thought I'd give my thoughts on 1 of 1's. Now I myself don't truly belive a 1 of 1 is a realy 1 of 1 unless it's on the players card checklist. Take these for example...

    1999 Fleer Focus Masterpieces
    1999 Fleer Mystique Masterpieces
    1999 Press Pass Reflectors Solos

    The reason these are 1/1's? Their Print Run is 1. Only 1. But then some sellers on eBay find or knwo how to get cards stamped. For example the Aiken a few posts down. It has the typical Diamond 1 of 1 stamp. Which a see alot of on eBay. These are cool side items but can't really be called a 1/1 because chances are the seller has done it to more then one of that card. If not... it's not like every collectors knows which cards have been stamped, so they could stamp the same card without knowing a thing.

    I myself don't care for 1/1's mainly because only one person in the world can have it, hence only one person could have every card of a certain player. But if I pulled one... maybe my thoughts would change. ;)

    Then we have 100+ eBayers selling there Game Used with 2+ colors and listing them as 1/1's. But why? It's not likely there is another one exactly like it. But chances are there are.

    What do you guys think?

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    The 1/1 nonsense has gone way too far... There is only one way that a card can be 1/1... That is for the card company (not someone with a stamp) to mark it 1/1.. It means that there is 1 only... If a card says 1/250 and you get the players # of 250, it IS NOT a 1/1.... If you use that menatlity, every single card of 250 is a 1/1.... Good Grief...............!

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    Yes I hate when they say it's a 1/1 jersey because say it's the patch of the 0 and the card has the top right corner then there has to be a card out there of the bottom. the only card that i've seen that might be a true 1/1 is a card in my posestion
    2002 Playoff Piece of the GamePedro Martinez/Nomar Garciaparra
    dual jersey and there both 3 color patches(red, blue, white) #'d tto500 but it is probably not cuz the pedro is the top of the O in SOX and the nomar is the X in SOX. does anyone get what im saying hear?

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    what about a card #ed 1/99, 99/99, or the players jersey #. i think these are worth more than a card #ed 48/99. what about ya'll?

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    Cards numbered like that may perhaps command a higher price, but they are still not 1/1....

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    If the demand a higher price then how are they not 1/1 they are better then the rest and there was only 1 of them made. I think if its 1/99, 99/99 or Players Jersey #/99 it is indeed 1/1. Just my $0.02.

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    Hmmm...... let's see here... let's say we have a card of Kurt Warner, ok? So you say it'd be a 1/1 if it was...

    0001/5000 (First Made)
    5000/5000 (Last Made)
    0013/5000 (Jersey #)

    Correct? Well what if it was...

    0016/5000 (He started all 16 games in 01')
    0546/5000 (Passing Attempts in 01')
    0375/5000 (Passing Completions in 01')
    4830/5000 (He threw for this many yards in 01')
    0036/5000 (He threw this many TD's in 01')
    0022/5000 (He threw this many INT's in 01')
    0038/5000 (He was sacked this many times in 01')

    Ya' see? Any # out of 5000 there could be a 1/1 reason for it. But the PRINT RUN for the card is 5000. So there is 5000 of them, no matter what # it is. :)

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    The 1/5000, 5000/5000, and 13/5000 come to mind first people just find those the most rare??

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    Wink Tell you what One of Oners 1/1....

    Y'all give me a list of all the 1/1 or potential 1/1 and I'll send you a list of the ones that can be bought quickly....
    I want any Grossman Cards I don't have... I have a list, so ask

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