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Thread: WTTF Givens, Quick, Brockers!

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    WTTF Givens, Quick, Brockers!

    Everything in the bucket is f/t. Thanks!

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    i like these:

    taiwan jones topps finest rc
    cam newton topps finest rc
    taiwan jones crown royale rookie royalty
    geroge blanda crown royale royalty
    jacoby absolute memorabilia auto rc/299

    i have these:

    2012 SPx Super Scripts Brian Quick(Rams) Rookie AUTO
    2012 Topps Finest Finest Atomic Rookie Die Cut Chris Givens(Rams) RC
    2012 Upper Deck 93 SP Chris Givens(Rams) RC
    2012 Topps Chris Givens(Rams) RC
    2012 Press Pass Chris Givens(Rams) RC
    2012 Leaf Young Stars Chris Givens(Rams) RC
    2012 Sage HIT Low Series Retail Chris Givens(Rams) RC #64(2)
    I Collect Hall Of Fame OAKLAND RAIDERS ONLY,Brad Keselowski and Chase Elliott...I DON'T COLLECT CURRENT OAKLAND RAIDERS ANYMORE!!!...I TRADE BY BV!!!...I no longer do paypal gift...PAY YOUR FEES LIKE I HAVE TO!!!...

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    i'll get back to via pm later tonight!

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    hi, I have a 2012 Topps Brian Quick Jumbo rookie Relic, I like your Von Miller 2011 finest xfractor, Cam Newton finest rc, and the AJ Green finest Atomic rookie in that order, lmk if there is somthing we can work out, thanks!
    Correa, K. Bryant, Arenado, T. Story, Jon Gray, Blackmon, Tyler Anderson, Syndergaard, Kyle Freeland, Senzatella, Jeff Hoffman, kershaw, bumgarner,Pence, posey, Trout, Harper, Yount, goldschmidt,, P. Manning , Elway, Champ Bailey, Von Miller, Lindsey Vonn.
    I do NOT trade by BV, only by SV or common sense!

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    I have a !2 Topps Quick. I will trade for your 100 card cash. If agreeable post the trade.


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    chakhae1- Do you need this:

    2007 Artifacts Auto David Givens #NF-DG $12
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    chakhae1- Do you need this:

    2007 Artifacts Auto David Givens #NF-DG $12
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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