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    Hi everyone,

    I am a graphic artist who loves basketball. It would be amazing for me to combine the two. I accept cards, paypal, CC, Checks and even Cash through the mail. I have done logos, banners, Signatures, re sizing images, and pretty much anything else! Please PM me or comment if there is anything you need done. It is much appreciated!

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    what price am I looking at?
    Maybe interested in a banner/sig

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    For a banner and a signature around$5 If it is a simple one, and up to ten for a more complex one.

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    Got an example of a simple sig you can post?

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    Yeah I will email it to you, what is your email?

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    PM sent

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    Can you do customs? How much per custom? Pm me the info. Thanks.

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    I do customs, and depending on the custom around $5-15.

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