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Thread: Any one wanna trade!!! I DO!!!

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    Arrow Any one wanna trade!!! I DO!!!

    mainly looking for Denver Broncos GU's, RC's, Auto's, Numbered..... mainly current players but I would like Elway, Davis, and sharoe GU's, Auto's, or numbered RC's

    LMK...........check my site for anything you want in return


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    check my site for this:
    Brett Favre - Fleer/skybox Genuine Article
    whats the bv on it?

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    elway4ever, I have a lot of cool Terrell Davis inserts.
    My auction ended with no bids let me know if you are interested.

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    i am pretty sure it is like 25-30.....

    I could throw in some more stuff for this card maybe??

    05 donruss classics john elway classic pigskins ball card /250 (ball used in superbowl XXII) bv 60


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    vick.......... I am not looking for commons mainly GU's, RC's, Auto's, and numbered

    I thought I saw one TD GU but maybe I am wrong....LMKP and tell me the BV

    What did you want in return

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    bears fan - do you know right ff the bat if you have any davis, ball or d.j. williams auto's or gu's

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    no but i do have a tatum bel uncirculated refractor and a darius watts rc jsy /250 scans are on my page

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    didn't like those for the favre but maybe for something else

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