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    I need a 2011 Topps Chrome Newton Refractor to finish my set!

    I now only need one (1) card to finish my set! Someone out here has to have a Newton Refractor that they can part with! Help me out and I can trade in your favor. I can trade autos and game used at 1 to 1 or a little more, and anything else, I can go up to 2x.

    LMK what you like and help me finish this bad boy on out!


    I would love to finish this set out before I start working on the 2012 stuff!!!
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    I can't believe that I can't find a Newton 2011 Refractror to finish my set! Someone on here has got to have one that they can get rid of!! LMK if you have one and what you need for it...

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    My brother has one, but he is making the same set. He needs only like 2 cards haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkinluv View Post
    My brother has one, but he is making the same set. He needs only like 2 cards haha.
    Well, thanks. I don't think it really helps, but its nice to know I am not the only one still working on this one.
    Let me know what your brother needs and I might be able to help him out. LMK an if I have them, depending on what they are, I'll get them to you for nothing.....

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    Ok guys, I thought I had found one of these, but it doesn't seem like it is going to pan out so..... Back to the hunt! I still need one of these to get this guy finished up. What can work out here. I can trade in your favor if we need to, I just want to get this set done w/o buying one!



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    Thanks to everyone who helped me out with this one along the way! Glad its finally done! Now I can rest up on the chromes for a couple of weeks and start again!

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