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Thread: Silver sale

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    Silver sale

    I have several rolls of pre-1965 silver coins for sale:

    Dimes (roosevelt and merc) - $117
    Quarters - $234
    Halves - $234

    I also have:

    misc generic bars/rounds 1 oz - based on $32.50/oz

    3 Silver Eagles - $35@

    Morgans/Peace Dollars - AU/Unc $38@ or a roll (20) for $720.

    Complete set of 48 Roosevelt silver dimes. Earlier are circulated but later are uncirculated and even BU. A little above spot at $123.

    10x 1964 Proof sets - $25@

    **if you want uncirculated, bu, or semi/keydates of silver coins let me know**

    Prices are plus shipping - $2 minimum with a max of $6 for SFRB w/dc.
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    got any singles dimes or quarters?
    I will check ebay and will not provide sick profits.

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    Plenty of loose ones I'll sell. :)
    ...I will sell by count or face value or???

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    I have a little of everything - anything in particular you're looking for?
    I'll trade for other coins and maybe gift cards but not sports cards.

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    I mainly am looking for anything old wheat pennies buffalo nickels liberty nickels, and indian head pennys

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    You mention you would trade for gift cards ... any chance you could use some Microsoft Live gift cards?

    Also, generally speaking .. what condition are the coins in? Are they basically "junk"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by raym View Post
    what are you paying for morgan dollars?
    I believe he is selling, not buying (but I am .. PM me on the morgans)

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