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    some stuff for sale!! make offers!!!

    Mini helmets:
    Joe haden florida gators
    andre tippett hof (got at belden village mall in canton ohio during hof week. I have the flyer that came with it) (GONE)
    brodney pool oklahoma
    kamerion wimbley florida state
    brady quinn notre dame (GONE)
    davier posey ohio state
    peyton hillis arkansas
    tj ward oregon
    josh cribbs browns (inscribed 8 kr nfl history)
    boom herron ohio state
    bernie kosar browns
    james laurinitis ohio state
    joe thomas browns (GONE)
    josh cribbs kent state
    andy dalton tcu (coa from and the andy dalton sticker from gtsm) (GONE)

    James laurinitis
    dante lavelli (inscribed hof 1975 tri star coa)
    josh cribbs
    tj ward
    joe haden
    alex mack
    brian robiskie

    1 cleat joe thomas
    1 cleat peyton hillis

    jim brown auto jersey (sewn on letters and numbers, inscribed hof 71, tri star coa)


    Daniel gibson cavs jersey
    daniel gibson texas jersey

    Kyrie irving
    tristin thompson
    antwan jamison
    daniel gibson
    lebron james pic of him signing it

    Johnny damon ss olmb
    travis hafner ss olmb
    ubaldo jimenez ss olmb
    matt laporta olmb
    nate mclouth ss olmb
    fausto carmona ss olmb
    franklin guiteriez ss olmb
    tony pena olmb
    david eckstein ss olmb
    ryan garko ss olmb
    chris perez ss olmb
    justin masterson ss olmb
    carlos santana olmb
    shin soo choo ss olmb
    orlando cabrera ss olmb
    carlos carrasco olmb
    kerry wood ss olmb
    kerry wood ss olmb inscribed roy
    kerry wood ss olmb inscribed 20 k

    kerry wood cubs mini helmet inscribed 98 roy
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    Can I see pics and prices of Haden, Tippet and Choo autos

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    ill post those pics when i get home later from work.

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