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    What condition do you think this card is in?

    I'm thinking about buying it but it doesn't look mint from the scan... how much of a hit to it's value would it take?

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    i think it depends if you want it for your pc or to make money on... if you want it for your PC i would say lowball him a little and try to get a deal... if you are looking to resell it i would say stay away as it looks like there is quite a bit of wear on he edges
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    Sometimes scans will do that, too. That card doesn't look bad to me.

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    If you mean what would a grading company grade it....I'd say it's a PSA 8 tops. Two white corners and the bottom and left edge looks white, but that could be the scanner.

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    pretty rough on the edges and a definite corner(UR)problem. Could be the scanner, but you would really need to look at it better. Ask the seller for another scan or 2 and try to get a back scan as well. If he/she says no, then screw it and don`t bother because it is most likely dinged on the upper right corner.

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