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    Brand New Booklet Holder Review!

    SCF Members,

    First I want to thank Ed JerseyCoast for sending me this brand new one touch booklet holder to review for him. Ed is an affilaite with SCF and you can order these new booklet holders through his website, just click the banner below. If you order from Ed please be sure to PM him on SCF first before you order as he gives FREE shipping to all SCF members.

    Many, many people have been waiting for one of the major supply companies to come out with something to protect the booklet type cards. Ultra Pro has come up with their version of just such a holder for the hobby.

    185mm Double Booklet One Touch Magnetic Holder w/ stand
    7 3/4" long x 3 3/4" wide
    Weighs only 4.4 oz. (without stand)

    2012-09-04 13.17.43.jpg2012-09-04 13.18.16.jpg2012-09-04 13.19.56.jpg

    Ultra Pro has taken their excellence they have in all products they do and turned out a great product here with the one touch booklet holder. They have the same features that you would find with their other one touch holders:

    • UV Protection
    • Magnetic Closure
    • Diamond Corners
    • Ultra Clear
    • Frosted borders

    • Consistent design style as their other on touch products.
    • Contains UV protection as with their other one touches.
    • Comes with 2 piece stand to display your card.
    • Ultra Pro put their logo on the back of the one touch holder as well as the display stand, doesn't take away from the card.

    • Frosted border: While it's in line with their other one touches I would like to see the frosted border in a different color. Maybe black? To give it that "framed" look.
    • 2-Piece Stand: While it's pretty straight forward and nice to get the stand with the holder and not have to pay for it separately it could use some improvement. I would like to see the underneath on both sides have some sort of "grip" so they don't slide around so easily. Also it would be nice to have a way to "clip" the holder to the stand. Some sort of clip on the bottom and/or top to hold the one touch to the holder.

    Thanks again to Ed for sending me this for review and don't forget to order your booklet holders through , PM him first to get FREE shipping!

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