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    Best Reason for Collecting a Certain Player??

    I was thinking about this today. I collect David Wright because he's a Met and Vlad Guerrero because I think he's amazing. I'm sure a lot of people have players they collect for similar reasons.

    However, I also collect Beau Jones. My reason? It's a little wierd.
    My wife's maiden name is Jones and she had a dog she loved named Beau (which she actually spelled like this). The canine Beau passed away a few months ago, and when I saw my Beau Jones BCDP card, I knew he was someone I would collect. It got her interested in it too, which I guess lets me spend more on cards :)

    Just wondering if anyone else had an interesting reason for collecting a player.

    Thanks for the read,

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    I collect my favorite players from any given sport. No other reason really.

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    I collect Angel Berroa, someone most people either don't know of or doesn't care about.

    In 2003, I received a box of cards and happened to pull 2 of his GU cards. Right then, I Started to collect... Then it cooled off once he won the ROY because his cards sky rocketted and put me off...

    Now, I grab up most of his cards... And even though his cards have gone down sharply, I still collect because he still is an ok player. I figure, maybe oneday he will start playing good again and I'll have something. Or whenever someone finds my collection in 40-50 years, he might be worth something because I will probably be the only one to have collected and saved his cards...

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    I do not know that there is a best reason to collect a certain player. However, I collect Ty Cobb because he is the greatest player in Detroit Tigers history, and the Detroit Tigers are my favorite baseball team.


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    Nothing atypical about my reasoning behind collecting Jason Schmidt. I'm a die-hard Giants fan and he's the best Giants pitcher in my lifetime.

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    I really only focus on autos of my hometown teams (Boston/New England)
    But I do hold on to some players, just because....
    I have a small collection of Jeremy Shockey, I just liked his style of play.
    I pulled like 4 real nice T-mac patches within a span of 2 weeks awhile ago, so I kinda like his stuff.
    Travis Best- I played against him in High school (he was Senior, I was sophmore, game was actually on ESPN)
    I also have quite a few Ex Duke Players autos/GU, because I am a Duke fan.

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