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    Who broke 05 Bowman!! I need singles!!!

    Broke a box, got most of big name rookies. Still need like 60 cards for the set though. I wrote them all down, and they are upstair, and i am to lazy to go get them. So give me the # of each card you have. If you have a bunch i will get the list.

    I basically want to know if anyone can help me finish the set before i go crazy listing my needs!

    I do need arron rogers and mike williams off the top of my head!

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    I have a few doubles of the Aaron Rodgers for sure. Have a few other RCs too. Broke a ton of this stuff (pack wars), but gave away most of the base. What are your other RC needs?

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    I have quite a few extras and wants from this set. PM me a list.


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    Hey!!!! I Have a FEW for Trade...... LMK What ya Need.......

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!

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    Military as it states Bowman, not bowman chrome.

    Ok, you forced me to run of 2 flights of stairs to get to the list here goes, there are a lot!

    MY NEEDS!!

    3,5,6,7,11,12,16,25,27,34,37,42,43,44,54,57,58,59, 61,67,75,77,88,95,104.

    112,127,130,137,141,146,147,154,155,157,165,166,17 6,178,183,188,189,193,197,199,200,203,210,211,215, 222,229,230,232,233,237,243,248,252,269,270.

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    If they on my list, i need um. Check my site for something you might like or tell me what kind of paypal you might like.

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    Have all these:
    Have all BUT these 34,42,57,59,61,75
    Have all But these Rookies:
    112,130,137,147,166,176,189,193,197,200,210,215,23 0,269,270.

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