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Thread: Nba ip supplies ?

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    Nba ip supplies ?

    okay so this year im actually gonna graph ip at sixers games, unlike last year which was my first and i was so unprepared it wasnt even funny. I need some help.

    1) what is the best ball to get signed, i would assume an official nba ball, just like a ROMLB, how much are they, i saw one on autographsupplies for like $100, that must not be the real price, i want to buy a few of them, 1 team ball and a few for guys like durant, also what is the best marker to use, would a deco color silver paint pen work, or wat about elmentz???

    2) where can u get a team ball, like a ball with the logo in the middle

    3) mini balls? saw them on autograph supplies for like $9, is that a fair price, any place else to get them

    4) floorboards??? i heard u can get them at home depot for like 79 cents, idk if thats true, i want the large ones where u can put stickers on them, is that size 12x12

    5) stickers?? where and how do you make the stickers u put on floorboards, are they mini fatheds or is there a sticker machine??

    6)jerseys, i dont want to buy official ones for $80, just cheap china ones are good, any good sites that dont scam you and are reliable?? what is the best marker to use on a china jersey???

    thanks for all the help, really looking forward to a great NBA ip season

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    Official NBA balls are $100, the website wasn't lying to you.

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    really, anyone know of a cheaper version that is just as good?

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    floorboards are less than a dollar each at home depot or lowes. They are 12x12 vinyl floorboards in a hardwood pattern. They usually have adhesive backs.
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    Just be sure your items are allowed to be graphed in the arena before you invest. At our Oracle Arena, Warrior games all graphers hand down to players from above the player tunnel, so the ushers rule, nothing solid that can hurt if dropped, so no balls, shoes, clipboards, books, etc. only pictures jerseys cards soft items

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    we hand stuff down to players in philly too, but ive seen people with balls and floorboards and stuff

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    Buy sticker paper at Office max or your local office supply store. Print out the logo, pic, etc. then cut it out and put it on the floorboard. That is what I have done and they turn out great, like this:

    (2012-13 Gophers Basketball team except one player) And this:

    (Seimone Augustus, Maya Moore and Monica Wright of the Minnesota Lynx)
    These are my first two/only floorboards I've gotten, so far and I love them. They look great and are pretty cool. Basketballs suck to get signed, imo, but that's just a personal preference.

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