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Thread: Sixers road team tips

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    Sixers road team tips

    hey i want to know if there are more oppurtunities to graph road teams then just inside the stadium, i was told u have no access to them outside, is there anywhere else u can get them. i need to know this becasue before i pay for my cart of cards on sportslots and order lots of pics i want to know if i will have a shot at these guys.... please help

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    Dallas Mavs are very good TTM and so are the PAcers

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    thanks but i am talking about IP, here are the games im going to Pistons, Thunder, Raptors, Wizards, Pacers, Bobcats, Cavs, Celtics, Hawks, warriors

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    im not lying to you- you have no access to them outside the arena. You only have access to the sixers.

    If you can manage to forge your own and/or get a real family pass, then you are allowed onto the court after the game and the players come out and greet their families. That is the only way.
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    So if you're not wanting inside graphing info and you know parking lot is not accessible, then what exactly are you asking?

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    im not really sure, just trying to figure out ways to graph road teams

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philly Fan 5064 View Post
    im not really sure, just trying to figure out ways to graph road teams
    Find where the hotel is, and go there. Sounds like the only way you'll get the road teams.
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