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Thread: Buyer not signing for item?

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    Buyer not signing for item?

    This is kind of weird..

    I recently sold a card for about $200 on eBay. The auction ends on 8/19. The buyer pays on 8/20. I ship it out on 8/21. Because of the value I added insurance and signature confirmation, along with the standard tracking/DC. On 8/23 a notice is left because no one signed for it. Now 5 days have gone by without them either picking up the item at the PO or having it re-delivered. I know people have lives and stuff to do, but you would think after a few days they would want the item they paid almost $200 for. I messaged the buyer to let them know about the notice if they didn't know about it and haven't heard back yet. I checked and the PO returns the item after 15 days of not being signed for, so he has 10 more days..

    I have seen notices being left before, but usually the buyer picks it up the next day.. 5+ days later is getting me a little worried.

    I hope this doesn't turn into a "buyers remorse" type of deal.. where after the item gets returned to me, the buyer opens up an item not received case or something.

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    Send another message after a few days, make sure you copy yourself in. If they never pick it up and you get it back and they ask for a refund, give them all but shipping cost, you probably won't have much of an option if a claim is filed. If they want it sent back, make them pay shipping again, not your fault.

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    An update, sort of..

    So the USPS website says the item will be returned to the sender if after 15 days it isn't claimed. I believe the 15 day mark is tomorrow and the buyer still hasn't signed for the item, asked for it to be re-delivered or replied back to my eBay message. They are active on eBay though, I know this for a fact. Since I have sent the message the buyer has bid on items, won items, paid for items, received and left feedback.

    If this does turn out to be a "buyers remorse" thing, I think the buyer might screw himself.

    According to eBay's Buyer Protection page..

    The buyer cannot open a case/dispute if the buyer refuses to accept shipment of an item. I would say receiving a notice left by the postal carrier, me messaging the buyer and them waiting 15 days and not picking it up at the post office or asking for re-delivery would be "refusing to accept shipment".

    "As a buyer, you can file a case under the eBay Buyer Protection Policy when all of the following are true:


    There is a good faith dispute between you and the seller regarding the item.


    A good faith dispute does not exist if you improperly claim that the seller has not fulfilled the transaction, if you claim you never received an item when in fact you did, if you refuse to accept shipment of the item (and eBay didn't end the listing), or if you claim the item was not as described but the seller can prove otherwise.

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