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    Any Eric Gudbranson collectors out there!!! 1/1 Available...

    HI everybody its been awhile since i have posted so i thought id share a little store.Got into a group break draft style and decided to use my hard earned money on a group break (man there fun :giggity::giggity:)anyways ended up with the last pick and Florida dropped to the bottom.It was a case break of 11-12 contenders and low and behold with the last pick i pulled the Erik Gudbranson 11-12 Playoff contenders 1/1 GOLD patch auto redemption.......well the card finally arrived after a not very long delay:


    all i can say man im glad i had Florida in the group break lol :) anyways card is available for sale and possible trade but would have to be something that fits in the ol pc thanks again everybody Darcy
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    I fixed your link for you. You had it in your sale folder, then moved it to your main folder, but didn't update your links. GL with your trade.

    Will Trade in your Favour for: 2008-09 Between the Pipes Masked Men MM-26 (M.Turco)
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    thanks for the help my friend appreciate it!!!

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    Thanks for our deal Bro!!!!! Imj so excited to recieve this bad boy.....will be the cornerstone to the PC!
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    because i supercollect him and need this so badly you dont understand

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    Card is still available now. This member "Armadamada" made a deal with me and went back on the deal so people be aware of this member.Very dishonest and not trust worthy at all!!

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    Ill take it. I am a gudbranson super collector and would love to add this.

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      any and all

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    Darcy, this card would look great in whatagoalie's PC.....hope you guys work a deal!

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    card has been sold mods please delete thanks again Darcy

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