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    Recent Matt Duchene PC Additions

    It's been quite a while since I posted anything on the forums so I thought I'd show off some new additions to my Matt Duchene PC from the last couple of months.

    On a side note, I'm working on creating a website for my Matt Duchene PC and I hope to have that up as soon as possible.

    Now to the cards:

    2011-12 Titanium Draft Day Auto #/99

    2010-11 Dominion Base Jersey #/99

    2011-12 Ultimate Premium Swatches #/35

    2011-12 Ultimate Premium Patches #/25

    2011-12 Limited Gold Auto #/25

    2011-12 Contenders Base Patch Auto #/100

    2011-12 Prime Vertical Patch #/12

    2011-12 Crown Silhouette Signatures #/25 (#09/25)

    2009-10 Cup Foundations Quad Patch #/10

    2011-12 Cup Trios Patch #/10

    2011-12 Cup Honorable Numbers #/9

    2011-12 Cup Magenta Printing Plate #1/1

    Thanks for looking!

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    Love the silhouette. By far the best card out there in the hockey card market :)

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    wow so jealous of the honorable numbers and the prime patch :) congrats on the pickups

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