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    I Collect Hall Of Fame OAKLAND RAIDERS ONLY,Brad Keselowski and Chase Elliott...I DON'T COLLECT CURRENT OAKLAND RAIDERS ANYMORE!!!...I TRADE BY BV!!!...I no longer do paypal gift...PAY YOUR FEES LIKE I HAVE TO!!!...

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    Super Collecting Greg Salas, Mike Davis. Collecting Ricky Williams, Roy Williams WR, Mike Alstott, Jordan Shipley, Vince Young (UT) (GU, patches, & autos only), 1999-2009 Elite UT Longhorns base, S/N and autos, Chicago Bears, and UT Longhorns.
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    Only looking for Pats/USC GU/Patch autos or very low runs.
    Really COOL unsual cards I am interested in.
    If you want to go by BV im going to go by BV.
    If you want to go by SV then ill go by SV.
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    How exactly does a player WEAR a football? And why didn't Topps put a holo on the back of a 1/1? I'd be calling Topps about this one if it were my card!

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    Collecting: Texas Rangers, Dolphins, Saints, Former Razorbacks, Former LSU Tigers, & Former Longhorns

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    have any cards of Hines Ward, or Jerome Bettis layin around gathering dust, take a look here Hidden Content

    I might need em

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