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Thread: 30 PP looking forward to buy

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    30 PP looking forward to buy

    So it's Jons birthday on the 12th (this is Danielle hid girlfriend, dnjcards lol)

    Anyways I'm looking for a nice getzlaf or gerbe it doesn't need to be the full amount I just want somethjng I know hell like

    Also might have a bit of money for BD dual jerseys that I need.

    Pm or reply with whatcha got


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    Hi, I have a The Cup Enshrinements Auto out fo 50 from 2010-11. LMK if interested. Thanks, Annie

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    20 delivered:

    Also have set of 4 bruins BD dual jersey cards. Let me know if you're interested!


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    Money has been spent Thanks to everyone who sent offers

    Mods can close the thread

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