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    Trading my RC 1.5x in your Favor

    I got RC's of just about everybody that has played in the NBA in the last 15 years except for Jordan. They are all on my tradelist in alphabetical order. I am wanting to downsize as I have another 3000 ct box of just NBA RC and an equal ammount of NFL and MLB. Please take a look if you see anything you like, let me know and I will look at your list or listen to offers.

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    wayne what are you looking for in return for these(pm me perhaps we can do something else lol)

    Bogut, Andrew 05-06 Topps RC
    Bryant, Kobe 96-97 Skybox Premium RC
    Bryant, Kobe 96-97 Upper Deck Mini W/ Campbell/Fisher
    Gordon, Ben 04-05 Topps RC
    Hinrich, Kirk 03-04 Topps Set RC
    Howard, Dwight 04-05 Luxury Box RC
    Howard, Dwight 04-05 Topps RC
    Howard, Dwight 04-05 Bowman RC
    Howard, Josh 03-04 Bowman Rookies and Stars RC
    Howard, Josh 03-04 Topps Set RC
    Iverson, Allen 96-97 Topps Finest RC
    James, LeBron 03-04 Fleer Tradition RC
    McGrady, Tracy 97-98 Topps Finest RC
    Paul, Chris 05-06 Bowman Draft Picks and prospects RC

    perhaps we can work something out for these thanks

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    I am getting off here until this afternoon, But for you bud, Make an offer, as long as I am not getting totally screwed, which I know you won't do. I will accept it from you. Thanks

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    i need this James, LeBron 03-04 Fleer Tradition RC and also can you tell me all the rookies you have for 05-06 upper deck and upper deck rookie debut. you can pm me if the easier

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    wayne let me see what i can get as far as wade anyone else you like ill throw some higher end stuff your way in return

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    I have 2 Collectors Edge Culpepper RC's. I would trade them for a Lebron James RC.
    I also have 96 Keyshawn Johnson Classic Rookie Laser #1. I also have Terrell Owens 96 Playoff Absolute and 96 Classic.


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    hey i liked these. lmk what u see off my site for them. also could u tell me if the metal is the reg. or the fresh foundations. thanks

    Bryant, Kobe 96-97 Hoops RC
    Bryant, Kobe 96-97 Skybox Z-Force RC
    Bryant, Kobe 96-97 Fleer Metal RC
    Bryant, Kobe 96-97 Skybox Premium RC
    Bryant, Kobe 96-97 Upper Deck Mini W/ Campbell/Fisher

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    Lebron James is the only person I am looking for.


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    KCgaeth-What do you have to trade
    Greenbeans- I also like Iverson, Shaq, Lebron, Pujols, Griffey Jr, Larry Johnson(chiefs) and will consider nice RC
    Slacker and Atamont, I will check your list

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