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    Quote Originally Posted by sanfran22 View Post
    Don't bring up "Ohio" if you don't want to hear about it.......No need to make a thread, team speaks for itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rchurchward View Post
    They did, but they traded it away for some tattoos.
    Lol, nice one! :sign0020:

    Quote Originally Posted by smejus57 View Post
    Anyone care to talk Michigan, THIS IS MICHIGAN, football?
    Your damn right, this is MICHIGAN, for god's sake! ->

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    Looking forward to the game on Saturday...planning on getting down to The Shoe nice and early; will be attending my fifth tOSU/UM game and have never seen the Buckeyes lose. Glad to see that there appears to be relevancy to The Rivalry again rather than Tressel beating LLLLoyd Carr and RichRod time and time again. As fun as it was, it just wasn't the same.

    Hoping to see a repeat of The Game of the Century, but I wouldn't mind seeing another repeat of '08 or '10!
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    Well made it down to Ann Arbor for Team 133's Senior Day against Iowa. Just thought I'd share some pictures of the new stuff at the stadium:

    New Scoreboards:

    New addition:

    Warming up:

    Countdown Clocks at Schemmy Hall:

    OSU on the left, MSU on the right.

    Pictures of the autos to follow (and oh boy did I score some good ones!!)

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    Seeing the Big Ten titles graphic makes me realize how bad Purdue is all around in athletics
    Trading for Steelers,Penguins,Pirates and ex Michigan players
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    Couple Senior Day pictures (these were taken from row 92 in the opposite end zone) Kovacs: Denard:

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    Thanks for the great pics! So jealous! I would have loved to be there! Looking forward to the pics of the autos you scored.

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    Well, tomorrow is the big day! The most important game on the schedule! THE GAME!


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    Sharing some of my favorite Michigan cards on the day of THE GAME! Go Blue!

    Collecting Green Bay Packers and University of Michigan Wolverines GU and Autographs!
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    Some great cards! Love that Hart 1/1 and the Howard red ink!

    THE GAME starts in a few minutes! I'm really pumped up!


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