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Thread: cards for sale WWE WCW

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    cards for sale WWE WCW

    just bumping this old thread, ill be adding more cards to this thread as time rolls on. Also check my buckets for scans.

    Taking offers on the Leaf plates, also would like to also trade my IRS auto for another Heritage auto of a legend I dont have.

    WWE Heritage 1 Torrie Wilson Auto $35 (SOLD)
    WWE Heritage 1 Christy Hemme Auto $40 (SOLD)
    WWE Heritage 1 Trish Stratus Auto $45 (SOLD)
    WWE Topps 2010 Jumbo Swatch J.Morrisson (GONE)
    WWE Topps 2010 Jumbo Swatch Kofi Kingston $85 (SOLD)
    WWE Topps 2010 Plate Layla Magenta 1/1 $30
    WCW Topps Embossed Eric Watts Auto $30
    WCW Topps Ms Elizabeth Auto $200 (SOLD)
    WCW Topps Rick Steiner Auto $75 (SOLD)
    WWE Topps Heritage 2012 IRS Auto $50
    2012 Leaf Wrestling Hillbilly Jim Auto Plate
    2012 Leaf Wrestling Rick Steiner Plate

    all cards are NM to MINT condition.

    scans to follow.

    also everything in my "FOR SALE/TRADE" folder in my bucket is also up for grabs.

    PM with interest.


    upload foto
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    Im interested in the trish, torrie, and christy heritage autos. Whats the best you can do on all three, lmk thanks.

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    updated list and still looking through my cards to offload.

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    Darn I missed out on those heritage autos lol. Any chanced your Orton auto mat is available?

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    ortom is my pc sorry man. but i think i might have another torrie heritage auto

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    How much are you looking for on that Torrie Heritiage if you have another?

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